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Sobre Nosotros

We are here, ON LINE, A lot of time working on it  to show you the treasure we find in Europe, Asia and the United States.

We like to travel, or rather, we are passionate.. ¡¡¡
We left the house with the suitcase almost empty to be able to bring it full.

Sometimes, you don't expect to find much and suddenly you see an incredible dress or skirt and you think,Who was the owner? You look at the size, the label, where it was made and you realize that this could no longer be manufactured in Barcelona or in Berlin or Moscow and you wonder but... and why not?

Then, you realize the things that you have in the closet with the label unbranded, or the wool sweater almost newly bought, or the Blazer of International Brand wich everbody wears.


And you think.... and why not buy second-hand clothes. Better quality than the new ones, much cheaper, with trendy designs and also recycling and collaborating with the proximity business.

We hope you love it.. So that we can continue to do what we like the most TRAVELLING to bring you Special ítems just selected for you.


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